Our classes are open to the everyone, except the hours marked with “teacher training only”.

In Sugarhouse, 815 East 2100 South

cash or check only

10 Day Introductory Offer – $20
1 Month Unlimited Pass – $100
Drop in, one class – $10 
5 Classes – $45
10 Classes – $90 
1 Month Yogatherapy Pass – $40 


9 AM Choreo Yoga Ambika Kali

10 AM Integrated Yoga Ambika Kali

5 PM Integrated Yoga Alejandra (Siddhidatri)

6 PM Choreo Yoga Alejandra Siddhidatri

7 PM Yoga Staff

(Open to all, and Teacher Training requirement)

8 PM Yoga Teacher Training only


9 AM Integrated Static Shiva Deva

10 AM Ashtanga Vinyasa Kramaji Shiva Deva

4 PM Choreo Yoga Makara (Don)

5 PM Classical Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind) Makara (Don)

6 PM Traditional Hatha Yoga  Corinne (Narayani)

7 PM Integrated Yoga Corinne 


9 AM Traditional Hatha Yoga Bhakti

10 AM Red Kundalini Yoga Bhakti

5 PM Integrated Yoga Makara

6 PM Choreo Yoga Makara

7 PM Yogatherapy Makara

8 PM Yogatherapy Teacher Training (Teacher Training only)


9 AM Integrated Yoga Ambika Kali

10 AM Alignment techniques Ambika Kali

5 PM Power Yoga Siddhidatri

6 PM Integrated Yoga Corinne (Narayani)

7 PM Yoga Therapy Shiva Deva

8 PM Mantra Meditation free


9 AM Kundalini (please wear red) Narayani (Corinne)

10 AM Choreo Yoga Corinne

5 PM Kundalini (please wear red) Ambika Kali

6 PM Integrated Yoga Ambika Kali

7 PM Yogatherapy  Shiva Deva

8 PM Yogatherapy Teacher Training (Teacher Training only)


9 AM Integrated Yoga Staff

10 AM Yogatherapy Staff

11 AM Power Yoga Staff

12 PM Yoga Sports Staff

1 PM Yoga Staff

(Open to all, and Teacher Training requirement)

2 PM Yoga Teacher Training only

 6-7:30 PM Ananda Shakti Yoga


10 AM Integrated Yoga Ma Vira Nandini

11:30 AM – every third Sunday of the month Pre-natal yoga Ma Vira & Makara